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As a high school teacher, sé lo que es perder mucho tiempo evaluando.

Now you can save time evaluating and enjoy a teaching life simpler.

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100% recommended. It not only manages evaluations and assistance, but also allows you to follow up, place notes, evaluate with rubrics, symbols, customize points, participation and much more. Fran is attentive to solve doubts.

Alvaro Prieto-Lopez

After downloading several applications, I prefer this one, it has everything a teacher needs to keep a class diary, take notes and many more options. On the other hand, I had to contact Fran, the creator of the app, and he responded very quickly, even on Sunday. Thank you 😊

María García

I think it's a great app. It is everything I have been looking for these years to take my classes. From my tablet I can take all the work of my classes. In the tutorials everything is perfectly explained and allows you to adapt everything almost 100% to your preferences. Congratulations

Jose Montero

I'm lovin 'it. At first I used both the app and the paper format just in case, and it has proven to be totally trustworthy. This year I will only use the app. It is very simple to handle and in the end it saves a lot of time. I totally recommend it, of course. I only regret not discovering it sooner!

A Google user

The best app of life. I am a teacher and the amount of functions it has are second to none. You also have total freedom to customize it in your own way, it is possible to adapt it to any type of notes or way of working.

Ruben Dario Villamil Zamora

It more than meets my expectations! It's easy to use, between intuitive and tutorials you get a quick handling of the tool and it has everything you might need. For any questions you have the developer, a person nearby and quick to respond, which is greatly appreciated. I recommend it 100%

sonia ortega

An application that greatly facilitates your daily work in the classroom. It saves you a lot of time in evaluating, making averages, etc. You have all the tutorials on Youtube, and most importantly, direct attention from the creator, Fran, who answers you quickly and attentively if you have any questions.

Ines Marin Cros

How does Will it make your life easier?

Faster than paper

You will evaluate your students much more quickly and better organized than with paper

Easier than Excel

You will see how it is much simpler than Excel and you will waste less time

100% offline

The data is stored on your device and not on external servers

you will have my help

Are you afraid of technologies? Don't worry, you will have my direct support, the author of the App

well organized data

You will enjoy having everything well organized and accessible with just a few clicks

Data always safe

The App will take care of making backup copies for you. And if you wish, it will make the copies in the cloud automatically (Drive and Dropbox)

You will make stockings in a few clicks

Making average notes is simple and with a few clicks

Different ways to evaluate

With headings, icons, by teams, counters,...

Different PDF reports

You can see different types of reports and export them

Use the App for free up to 45 days

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About Us Mi

Fran about my author of the Teacher's Notebook AppMy name is Fran. I am a teacher of Secondary and Formative Cycles.

I started developing the app «Teacher's Gradebook» digital because of the needs that arose in my work.

Needed evaluate my students quickly and not waste so much time, as well as being able to evaluate in different ways, such as with rubrics or icons. 


My name is Fran, here you can contact me

Contact Frank

Use the app up to 45 days for free

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