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Who am?

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As a teacher I know what it's like to spend a lot of time evaluating, calculating averages and going crazy with Excel.

My name is Fran Meneu. I am computer science teacher in a Secondary and Vocational Training Institute in the Valencian Community (Spain).

Currently, I enjoy developing in my spare time, a digital tool for our work as teachers be easier and let's not waste so much time evaluating or with Excel formulasI use it daily in my classes:

Digital Teacher's Notebook

The tool that I have developed is an App called "Teacher's Notebook", a digital notebook for Android, with which I help other colleagues so that tasks such as evaluating, calculating averages, keeping attendance among other tasks, be easy tasks And don't waste too much of your time. 

Available in Google Play

How does started it all?


paper notebook

On my first day of class, all happy, they gave me a paper note book, to record activities, attendance, notes, etc.

With the paper notebook I lasted a couple of weeks.

It was time consuming and cumbersome to handle.

And it was heavy!


Excel, it covered my basic needs, but it also seemed messy with formulas and it was easy to mess up cells and formulasBesides, it didn't cover all my needs, it also made me lose time.

In P

I discovered a wonderful program called “IN P”, a digital notebook for old Windows Mobile PDAs that no longer exist. I started using it, I fell in love, how easy it was to evaluate!


Even so, there were needs that were not covered, so I decided to make my own App for PDA: “Apolo".

It was 100% free and without advertising, my first digital notebook.

After a few months, thesmartphones” and the PDAs died.

I got very discouraged after so much work done. I no longer wanted to program.

Teacher's Notebook

Some colleagues encouraged me to make a “Apolo” for Android, so I designed and developed the app "Teacher's Notebook” for Android, a digital notebook for Android, which I currently use daily in my classes.

Available in Google Play

partners all over the world

I like it travel and learn about other cultures and ways of living. I am very excited that there are colleagues from countries around the world who use the app "Teacher's Notebookdigital.


I put here some of the flags of countries that I know for sure use or have used my digital notebook (If I have left some tell me and I add it).


Do you want two free gifts?

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