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Notes types

You have several types of notes to evaluate. You can add or modify the types of notes in menu -> Academic Settings (icon icon_academic_settings), then in the tab «NOTE TYPE«:


These are the types of notes there are. Press the button button_plus to add a note type:


  • Numerical: used to write numerical values.
  • calculated: they are used to make auto-calculated grades, to make averages or calculate the final grade.
  • Counter: note type that increments or decrements integer values. For example to count positives or negatives.
  • Free text: this type of note allows you to put a personalized text and associate it with a numerical value.
  • Icon: Allows you to use icons as if they were notes. Each icon has a numerical value associated with it.
  • Assistance: Allows you to calculate a grade based on a student's attendance. For example discount a value every time you miss class.
  • List of valours: Allows you to define a list of values. By putting the note to the student you quickly select the value from your list of values.
  • Rubrics: allows you to assess with rubrics. On the notes screen, when it is a rubric, when you edit the note, the table of the rubric will appear with its criteria. To create or modify rubrics see this article.
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