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You can add new rubrics from  menu -> Academic Settings (or directly from the icon icon_academic_settings top right), then go to «NOTE TYPE«.

  • Use the button button_plus to add a new rubric:
    address book
  • Use the button config_rubric to edit the rubric:
  • Click on the cell to edit its content
  • The button "TO IMPORT» allows you to import rubrics from a CSV file.
  • The option "Automatic percentages» allows you to put your own percentages or weights in the criteria.
  • The button add_column_rubric It is used to add rows or columns to the rubric.
  • To delete a row or column make a long press on the header and in the context menu select «Delete«.
  • To reuse criteria or descriptions make a long press above the cell and select «More criteria» or «More descriptions«.

Once the type of note has been created, go to the main notes screen and create a column with the type of rubric note to evaluate by means of rubrics.


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