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Restore backup

To restore a backup go to «menu – Backups"

You have two different ways to restore:

  1. From the “Backup history”: in the backup history the information of all the backups made is saved. Click on a history file to restore it. They can be of various types:
    • Manual
    • Automatic in internal memory
    • On Google Drive
    • in Dropbox
  2. From the button "RESTORE COPY OF SECURITY«: this button opens a new menu:

  • Select file to restore: select the backup file you want to restore. The file must be in the internal memory of your device.
  • Restore from the cloud: if you want to restore a copy that you have stored in the cloud and it does not appear in the backup history, you must download the backup in the internal memory of the device, and then go to the option above «Select file to restore» and select the file you have downloaded.



For the restoration to be done correctly, the app must have permissions of reading and writing to internal storage memory of your device. This is configured in the Android Control Panel.


If when you select a file to restore, after selecting it the name «/document/169» or something like that, then the restore will fail. It is an error that appears on some devices with Android 8 or higher and only on some models. The way to fix it is: go to the «menu – General Settings» and uncheck the box «Use the system file browser“, try the restore again and it should work.

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