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Import Rubric from CSV file

You can quickly make rubrics by creating them with LibreOffice Calc o Excel from your PC in CSV format, then import them into Teacher Notebook. I recommend LibreOffice Calc because it's free, it works on any PC, be it Windows, Mac or Linux, and it has nothing to envy Excel.

Steps to import rubrics:

  1. Download an example rubric to your PC:
  2. Edit the downloaded CSV file on your PC with a text editor, with LibreOffice Calc or with Excel (I recommend LibreOffice). In the examples, the character set is UTF8 and the separator is the symbol ";".
  3. Once modified, save it and upload it to your device
  4. From the app go to menu -> Academic Settings or directly from the icon above icon_academic_settings .
  5. Go to the «NOTE TYPE«. Use the button «+» to create a new rubric.
  6. Edit the rubric created with the button rubric_config
  7. Press the button "TO IMPORT«
  8. Select the CSV file that you have copied to your device, to do this click on the «FIND FILE«.
  9. Click on the button «Accept«.
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