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Import students from CSV

This is the header of the CSV file so that the app interprets the data correctly:


Only the fields «Name" Y "Surname«, the rest are optional. The order of the columns does not matter.

The format of the date of birth (DOB column) can be in one of the following formats:

  • YYYY-MM-DD. Example: 1993-10-25
  • DD-MM-YYYY. Example: 12-04-2001
  • DD / MM / YYYY

Steps to import students:

IMPORTANT: Steps 1 to 7 are done on a PC. From 8 to the end in the application.

  1. Download the empty template to fill in here: CSV Template
  2. You also have examples of CSV files:
  3. Open the downloaded template with LibreOffice:
  4. Add students:
  5. You see File -> Save as and save as CSV file. Activate the option «Edit filter settings«:
  6. Select save as CSV:
  7. Select the following options (you can also choose "Unicode UTF-16" or "Western Europe ISO-8859-1"):
  8. Copy or download the generated CSV file from PC to device. In the app, import students into the app: Menu -> Import. IMPORTANT: If the CSV file is in the cloud, you must first download it to the device.
  9. You must choose in the application the same character set and the field separator that you put in step 6


Use the button «preview» to view the CSV file before importing. If it doesn't look right change the «CSV separator" or the "Set of characters«. If it still doesn't look right, check the CSV headers as explained above.

Import Photos

To import photos, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Student photos should be named as the student code. For example, if a student has the code "A12345", the photo should be named A12345.jpg, A12345.png, etc.
  2. The photos are all copied to a single folder on the device.
  3. In the application, select the directory where the photos are:


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