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Import CSV from SENECA

This article is only valid for teachers from Andalusia in Spain.

  1. Connect to SENECA and export the CSV file with the students in your group
  2. Copy the downloaded CSV to your device
  3. Go to the application
  4. Go to the menu -> Import.
  5. On the button «Find file» select the CSV file that you have copied to the device. If the CSV file is in the cloud, download it before on the device. Activate the CSV file type option «Seneca CSV«, as shown below:
  6. Select the group where you want to import:
  7. press preview if you want to see the CSV before importing
  8. Push the button import button and ready!

NOTE: : If a student already exists in the application, it is not necessary to import it again. It can be "reused" with the button "Copy Existing Student«:

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