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add a note

Adding a note is as simple as adding a column in the main notes window, to do this:

  1. Click the button button_plus from bottom right:
  2. Select one of these 2 options:
    1. New note column: to create a new note column
    2. Copy existing column: if you want to copy notes or columns of notes from one group to another
  3. If you select "New note column» a window like the following will appear:

    • Title: put a name to your column: activity, exam, topic,… You can use the calendar button to put a date.
    • Subheadline: you can put a subtitle (optional). You can also select from a list of previously created subtitles in menu -> Settings Academic (icon_academic_settings).
    • note type: You must select the type of note with which you are going to evaluate. Look this article for more info.
    • note symbol: if you prefer that instead of showing the numerical note it shows a symbol. Example: Approved, Good, Outstanding,… The mark symbols are configured in menu -> Settings Academic (icon_academic_settings).
    • color note: you can have conditional colors, that is, put a color on the grade based on the grade obtained. Note colors are set to menu -> Settings Academic (icon_academic_settings).
    • Recovery of: a note can be the recovery of another note. This is used when calculating the final grade: in students who have made the recovery, the recovery grade will be taken into account instead of the original grade.
    • show percentages: Displays the note percentage next to the note value.
    • Color: to put a color to the column.
    • Hide: to hide the column. To display it again, click on the name of the group and you will see more configuration options.
    • Protect: To avoid modifying the note, it becomes read-only.
    • quick feedback: to put a quick comment by reusing a previously written comment.
  4. For edit a note you just have to do click Above the cell where is the note
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