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Add new assessment/trimester

To add a new evaluation or quarter you have two ways:

OPTION 1: Duplicate an existing assessment/trimester

Use this option if you want to copy an assessment with its students and structure. For it:

  1. Ir a menu -> Academic Settings -> Evaucation and click the duplicate button ()
  2. Follow the instructions

OPTION 2: Add an empty assessment/quarter

  1. Go to the menu -> Academic Settings -> Evaluation to add a new quarter ()
  2. On the notes screen for the new quarter it will appear empty. This is to be able to have different students in each evaluation/trimester:
  3. To add students from a previous assessment/trimester to the new assessment, go to the “+” button below and select “Copy Existing Student«:
  4. Select the evaluation and students from where you want to copy:
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