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Add and delete students

To add a new student you have 3 ways:

  1. Enter the new student manually: for this you must click on the button button_plus from the main notes screen. Then choose the option «New student«.
  2. Copy a student from one group to another or from one test/term to another test/term: Same as in the previous section but this time select «Existing Student«.
  3. Automatically import students: This option automatically imports students from a CSV file (Excel or LibreOffice Calc).


IMPORTANT: When a student is deleted from a group, it is not really deleted at all, it goes to a special group called «–No group–«. This allows students to be reused quickly in the next academic year. As will be seen later, the student can also be permanently deleted.

There are 3 ways to delete a student:

  1. Delete student from an assessment/quarter: it is used to delete a student only from the evaluation or term. To do this, make a long click above the cell of the name of the student you want to delete, you will get the menu shown below and select the option «Delete student from assessment«:
  2. Remove student from a group: This option is used to remove a student from a group. The student is not permanently deleted, but is moved to a special group called «–No group–«, to be able to be reused later in another academic year. For it, long click in the student cell and then select the option «Remove student from group«:
  3. Delete a student permanently: this option is used to definitively delete a student from the database, the student's data will no longer be accessible. To do this you have to delete it from the special group «–No group–«. To permanently delete it:
    1. Go to the menu -> Class Plan
    2. Select group «–No group–«:
    3. Click on the student to delete:
    4. Click on the X to erase it permanently


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